We provide the most comprehensive and easy-to-use AI models

(like OpenAI)API for developers.

OpenAI Global Top Proxy

Provide professional developers with OpenAI big models included Provide commercial grade stable services. --》

Access to all OpenAI models such as GPT-4o, GPT-3


API simplicity

Supports both OpenAI calling and self-developed API interfaces

Commercial grade stability

Provide commercial grade stability, support high concurrency, and low latency

One platform, multiple AI models

The platform supports multiple large language models (ChatGPT, etc.), image generation models (Stable Diffusion), speech generation models (ChatTTS), etc

We have APIs to support your multiple bussines/marketing policys

Volume based billing, time based billing, per use billing, etc

To facilitate your bussiness

Provide comprehensive usage statistics and analysis

Frequently asked questions

Under normal circumstances, it can be credited within one minute. If the payment has not been received, we provide a self-service status refresh function. You can try refreshing in a few minutes. If the payment has not been received within 10 minutes, please contact customer service.

Refunds are not supported after recharging, please do not charge if you mind

Yes, each model is different, and the reference interface has different current limits

Under normal circumstances, errors caused by network issues, backend traffic restrictions, backend exceptions, and other reasons will not be charged, only a consumption record with an amount of 0 will be generated. The deduction of fees starts from the OpenAI side, which returns 200 (i.e. successful request). The only exception is that when the response triggers the content review on the supplier side, it will be automatically filtered. At this time, you will receive an empty response, but the fees will still be deducted.